Introduction: Easy Support for Your Phone With a Jar and Some Screws

If you make instructables or other kinds of videos but do not care if the video it is perfect as long as it is useful, you may try this easy stand for yours. You will only need:

  • some screws (two or four);
  • a screwdriver;
  • a hammer;
  • a jar with lid;
  • claws (optional instead of screws, I think it is better with screws);
  • a cat (you may needed, they know a lot about instructables and always want to help).

Basically you will need to take your phone, put it on the lid, mark whether you want the screw, do the holes and you are ready to start using it. I have uploaded a sneak preview of my next project for you to see how it looks.

Step 1: Mark Where You Want the Screws.

Take the phone with your hands and place it on the lid. You want to check the angle at first but you will find how to modify it later. Ultimately, if you are not happy at all with the angle you can do more holes or change the lid and start from the beginning. Mark, then, with the screw where you want to place it. Sorry, I have only two hands, pity, and I had not still the stand while doing the instructable.

Step 2: Do the Holes.

Now it is time to take the screwdriver and do the holes, you can get help from the hammer because at first it may be difficult just with the screwdriver. Do it gently, though. Once the first hole is done, let's go for the second one. You want to check again how much angle you want. Do the second one. You are almost there.

Tips: you can buy nuts so you can get the screws more tight, I have not needed them, though.

Step 3: Adjusting the Angle and Final Tips.

There are several ways of doing that:

  • you can just screw with your fingers the screws; I have done it with the one on the front and it went perfectly well;
  • if still the angle it is not perfect because you can not see the background, you can use a brush, only the handle, to make the phone stand more vertically, place it between the back screw and the phone itself.

Final tips:

  • I have use it with a tablet, and mine it is big, it stood still but even though my recommendation it is to use four screws instead of only two;
  • relate to that, if you want a more stable stand you can fill the jar with water but I think that to spare some water if you do not want to refill the jar everytime, it will be more stable with sand or little stones, even with chalk paint sugar, you will have a lovely stand;
  • finally, if you are concerned about scratches on your screen just use some tape and wrap the screws.