Introduction: Easy Tasty Burgers

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-Bureger Meat

-Bread Dough

-2 Eggs



-Powder Garlick

-Bread Crumbs




Step 1:

Make 50gr aprox, dough balls

Mash it like the video

Put it in the Ovenproof


Step 2: Bread Done

Pull it out of the oven, 25 min after

Be Careful it is hot

Step 3: Make the Burger Meat


2 eggs - Meat - Salt- Pepper - Powder Garlic - Bread Crumbs

Step 4: Grill/Bake the Meat

I always like my burgers juicy an tasty, so i grill them, and then bake them..

Step 5: Pull Out the Meat, Serve

Now we have the meat ready.

Cut the bread, put the meat in and add Vegetables, sauces anything you want.