Introduction: Easy Tiramisu (with No Eggs)

Well, it's a delicious Italian dessert with just one imperfection: it disappears too quickly...

It's an amazind dessert for hot summer days. Firstly because it's cold, so it'll help you cool down a little. And secondly: mascarpone is quite a fat cheese and summer is a great time to burn off some extra calories.  Did I say it's one of most delicious and easiest Italian desserts? PLUS you can make it even outside, for example on some picnic.

So, why did I do it? I found some mascarpone cheese that was around the expiration date in my refrigerator. I had to use it. And because I love tiramisu I decided to make one. But tiramisu is made with raw eggs and I don't really trust raw eggs. So I made my tiramisu without them! And it was ao delicious I made it again just the next day! I even doubled the amounts of ingredients then!

Step 1: Ingredients

You will need:
The little sponde cakes or ladyfingers
Cocoa (it's best to use the real thing. It's a little bitter by itself but toegether it tastes delicious)

Step 2: Making Tiramisu

Mix sugar with mascarpone (proportions depend on our taste. For me it aws about 3 tbs for 250 g of mascarpone)
Put the little sponge cakes on the bottom of your bowls or anything you will be serving it in (you can dip them in water with coff or water with cocoa but I didn't). Put the mascarpone and sugar mixture on top. Now just sprinkle it with cocoa (or coffe).

Step 3: Cooling

You can eat it right after making it but if you have enough time and strong will you should put it into the refrigerator for some time. You can store it there for a few days. Have a good meal!

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