Introduction: Easy Vacuum Seal

This is any easy vacuum sealing method anyone can do. You don't special lids or even an expensive vacuum appliance. I use recycled sauce jars, thumbtack, label, and a hand pump that came with a package of ziplock bags. Hand vacuum pumps are easier to find, now that sous vide is so popular,

Step 1:

To recycle a regular lid, you need to make a one-way valve. Use a thumbtack to poke a little hole in the lid. Then cover the hole with a small label. You could even use a small piece of tape.

Step 2: Load and (vacuum) Lock.

To demonstrate the vacuum action, I have half a dozen marshmallows in each jar. Put the vacuum pump over the label and pump several times. You should be able to feel it getting more difficult when you are at the limit. To test your results, you should hear the vacuum break when you open the jar. If it doesn't try peeling up the sticker a little bit on one end. You want the pump to lift it up slightly as it sucks air out of the jar. Then the vacuum created in the jar will pull the label against the hole to create a tight seal.

Step 3: What Next?

This is good for semi-short term storage. It is great for helping your fresh vegetables stay fresh longer. I would not expect it to hold long term in the basement for years on end. I have used it for the lunch salad-in-a-jar. It was easy to make a week's worth at once. It is wonderful for strawberries which tesnd to go back qquickly.