Introduction: Easy Way to Get Air Out of Your Coolant

Easy way to get air out of your coolant

Step 1: Easy Way to Get Air Out of Your Coolant

Getting the air out of the coolant has always been a challenge until I found this tool. Ok, one of the more difficult jobs that I find is getting air out of the system. So I have found this really cool tool that does a terrific job. So you go ahead and put the radiator cap on, and put the funnel on top. I usually use a t-shirt to kind of catch all this dirt and debris, and you can kind of see some of that stuff floating in there. We’re going to catch that before it gets into the system. So we're going to kind of fast forward the film a little bit and let it go down. Then we're going to go ahead and put some fresh coolant on there to kind of top off the system. Go ahead and start the car and we’re going to start to get the air out. See the air how it pops out? It's because the fluid is higher than the rest of the system that it works. Now go ahead and cap it. Now we're going to pour this new stuff. Now that makes a difficult job easy. If you find this useful please like or subscribe.