Easy Way to Use Makey Makey With a Tech Deck

Introduction: Easy Way to Use Makey Makey With a Tech Deck

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Hi. I recently saw a tech deck makey makey program in this contest which was really cool but seemed hard so I made an easy way to play games with a tech deck. If you like my instructable please vote for it in the makey makey contest.


You will need the makey makey wires and chip, some aluminum foil, a computer, and a tech deck.

Step 1: The Setup for Makey Makey Part 1

The first thing you need to do is take the red wire and connect it into the makey makey chip and take the USB end and put it in your computer. After this connect the gray wire or any wire as the earth and clip that to the bottom that says EARTH. You will need the earth wire so the computer knows you are using the tech deck. Go to next step to see what the other wires will do and where that should go.

Step 2: The Setup for Makey Makey Part 2

Now you have to take the other wires and ad them to the right, left, up, down area on the chip by simply clicking them into the two circles surrounded by a gray circle. Add aluminum foil to the tech deck and take the wires with the alligator clip end and attach them to the aluminum foil.

Step 3: What to Do Now

Now you may be wondering what am I supposed to do with this. Well there are websites and games like makeymakey.com/piano where you can play the piano with the tech deck. You can play Pac-Man, snake, or any other game that involves the up, down, left, or right keys. Now go to the next slide to see how to use that tech deck and play games or anything.

Step 4: How to Use the Tech Deck

Now you have to take that EARTH wire from a long time ago and hold it and make sure it’s touching you’re finger. Now you can touch the aluminum foil on the board and it will do what it’s supposed to do like make your character in Pac-Man move left, right, etc. If it’s not working then make sure everything is clipped in and you are seeing the lights on the chip light up while touching the aluminum foil. Also make sure you’re holding the EARTH wire. If that didn’t work, go back to step 2.

Step 5: Do Tricks and Explore

Now you can do tricks and play the game or do whatever you’re doing. It would be really cool if you play actual skateboarding games because that will make it more fun. Also EXPLORE the internet. There is tons of games that are fun that you can play with makey makey. Thanks for reading. Have fun.

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