Introduction: Easy Wire Weave Ear Cuff

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Hi, in this instructible (this is my first) I'm going to show you how to make this easy wire weave ear cuff.

It takes me approximately 30 minutes to make, because the weaving takes time.

Step 1: The Supplies

For this ear cuff you'll need:

-Cutting pliers

-Flat beak pliers

-About 12 cm of 1mm aluminium wire

-About 30-40 cm of thin metal wire, mine is 0,5mm

-A thick pencil or a pen (just any round object with a diameter of approximately 1cm), to bend the cuff on

-A ruler

Step 2: The Base

Cut two pieces of 6 cm from your aluminium wire. Bend these in a U-shape, so both ends of the wire are 2,9 cm to the bend. I'm doing this with my flat-beak pliers, but feel free to use round-beak pliers. Make sure you don't fold the wire, this could cause it to break.Place the two wires like I did in the last picture. You might want to file the ends of the wire.

Step 3: The Weave

First, cut off approximately 30-40cm (the more, the better. best is probably about 35-40cm) of your thin metal wire. It is possible we will need less, but it's better to have enough than just a little too less.We will start working from the bottom left. I'll give the thicker wire numbers, so it's easier to write down. The lower wire will be referred to as 4, the wire above 4 will be called 3, the wire above 3 will be called 2 and the upper wire will be called 1. Never turn over your work, just keep your weave at the left of your unfinished ear cuff. I recommend looking at the pictures, otherwise it might be hard to follow.

(1) Wrap your thin wire around the left end of 4 twice to secure it.

(2) Wrap your thin wire over 4 and 3, but weave the wire back between 4 and 3.

(3) Wrap your thin wire around 3.

(4) Wrap your thin wire over 3 and 2, but weave the wire back between 3 and 2.

(5) Wrap your thin wire around 2.

(6) Wrap your thin wire over 2 and 1, but weave the wire back between 2 and 1.

(7) Wrap your thin wire around 1 TWICE.

(8) Wrap your thin wire around 1 and 2.

(9) Wrap your thin wire over 2 and bring it back to the front between 3 and 4.

(10) Wrap your thin wire around 2 and 3.

(11) Wrap your thin wire over 3 and bring it back to the front under 4.

(12) Wrap your thin wire around 3 and 4.

(13) Wrap your thin wire around 4 TWICE.

(14) Repeat step (2) to (13) until you reach the end of the cuff. If you have enough space left to go up another time (steps (2) to (7)), go for it.

(15) Cut off the excess thin wire. If there are any rough edges, smooth them with a file or some fine sandpaper.

Step 4: Bending the Cuff

Grab your cilindrical object and wrap the cuff around it, but make sure the right side is facing you. The weave looks different at both sides. Slide it onto your ear and check if the cuff sits secure. If it doesn't, grab your flat-beaked pliers and bend the front piece (the piece that sits at the front of your ear) a little. Continue making small changes until the cuff stays secure.

Step 5: Tips and Previous Experiences

The thin metal wire I used for this ear cuff turned out to be a little too sturdy, so I recommend deadsoft wire.

The first ear cuff I made this way was with silver aluminum wire as a base and coated copper wire as my thin metal wire, but I bent it with the wrong side on the outside (pictures above).You also may want to leave a little piece of excess wire on when you just started weaving. I cut it off, but that made it harder to work with.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Ear Cuff!

Enjoy your own ear cuff! You could also string beads onto your thin metal wire while weaving, I think that could look very nice.
I am looking forward to see the pictures of your own ear cuff!

If you have any questions, I'd like to answer them!
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