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Introduction: Easy Wire Wrapped Bead Link

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This is a basic wrap, that you will use daily when you wire wrap. You can easily hook multiple beads together, to form a chain, or hook to anything with a hole. You can also add daisy spacer beads, or wrap multiple beads together into one link.

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

-chain nose pliers
-round nose pliers
-flush cutters
-3-4" of wire that will fit through the hole in your bead. I mostly use 24g and 26g.

Step 2: Begin by Bending the Wire

Use the chain nose pliers to bend the wire as shown, about 1/3 of the way down the wire.

Step 3: Form a Loop

Grasp the wire with the round nose pliers, and form a loop that you center over the wire, as seen in the photo. The end of the wire that forms the loop is the working end of the wire. The other end I'll call the base wire.

Step 4: Hold the Loop With Pliers

Use the chain nose pliers to hold the loop.

Step 5: Wrap the Wire Once Around the Base of the Loop

Holding the loop in the pliers with your dominant hand, use the fingers of your non-dominant hand to pull the working end of the wire around the base wire firmly, one time. Check the photo to see what I mean.

Step 6: Slide the Bead On, and Bend the Wire to the Side

Slide the bead onto the base wire, and bend the wire slightly to one side, as shown.

Step 7: Form a Loop

Use the round nose pliers to form a loop that is centered over the bead hole. Reposition the round nose pliers on the loop, if necessary, so that you can center it properly.

Step 8: Wrap the End of the Wire Around the Base of the Loop

Use the chain nose pliers to hold the loop, and wrap the end of the wire around the base/neck of the loop, firmly, at least 2-3 times.

Step 9: Trim the Wire With Flush Cutters

Use flush cutters to trim the wire. I try to end the wrapping close to the loop, not close to the bead. Then I try to trim it so that I can use the tip of my chain nose pliers to crimp the end into the inside of the loop, ensuring that it won't poke someone.

The second photo shows where I've cut the tail of that wire.

Step 10: Turn the Bead Around, and Wrap the Other Side, As in Step 8

Turn the bead around, and wrap the other loop the same way that you did in step 8.

Step 11: A Better Pic of How to Position the Wire Before Cutting

A better pic of how I position the wire, before cutting it.

Step 12: Cut the Second Wire

Cut the second wire, just like the first.

Step 13: Crimp the End of the Wire

Shows the end sticking up, after cutting. You don't want to leave it like this, to catch on clothes, or poke people.

Use the chain nose pliers to crimp the end into the loop, as shown.

Step 14: The Finished Bead Link

The finished bead. Wire several of these together to form chain.

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    6 years ago

    that looks like a very strong link. Where did you buy your tools? Thanks.


    Reply 6 years ago

    Various places. I looked around until I found the brand I wanted, for the best price. The blue handled pliers in this are Tronex, which I LOVE. They are the best cutters! The white handled pliers are Lindstrom. Thanks!