Introduction: Easy Diy Ideas for Picture Frames


Picture frames are so versatile when it comes to reusing and updating them, I had a hard time figuring out the projects I wanted to do, In the end I decided on three but I'll just share to with you now.  They are both very easy, I'll also share a recipe for making your own chalk style paint.

What you'll need:

Chalk paint-
Acrylic paint (or any flat latex paint)
Baking soda 
Jar with lid
Small paintbrush 

Chalk paint (diy or store bought)
Wood, veneer (or any hard material suitable for painting)
Picture frame
Paint and bristol board (optional)

Dry erase board
Picture frame (with usable glass and backing)
Tissue/wrapping paper (fabric or any other thin material for under glass)
Paint (optional)

Step 1: Chalk Paint

There are a good few other recipes for chalk paint available, I used this because I had the items on hand.
First measure about half cup of your paint, pour it into your jar, then add about 1 tbsp of baking soda. Stir vigorously  dissolving backing soda as best as possible. Dip the tip of your paint brush in the mixture and spread the paint thinly on a tiny area of cardboard, when it dries ( in a couple minutes) feel test if the consistency is right for you (like fine sand paper). Add more baking soda if needed. Close jar and store. 

Note: I don't recommend making the paint to far in advance because my mixture started turning  yellowish after a couple hours.   

Step 2: Getting Started

If your frames are in need of a paint job do this ahead of time, spray paint is recommended, two or three coats depending on your choice.

Chalk board-  Measure and cut your material of choice( to fit your picture frame) whether it be wood or veneer, I used the board from another frame as it was very durable. Measure and cut your bristol board as well, then stick it to the the back or your material to give it a prettier finish. Using chalk paint, paint your material, giving it about two or three coats, making sure its completely dried in between. After paint is completely dry cover entire area with chalk ( using the side is easier) then wipe off.  

Dry erase board- Simply remove glass and backing then attach your tissue paper or fabric(with glue) onto the ..backing.

Step 3: Finishing

When all the painting is done and dried completely its time to assemble your project.

For the dry erase board, place the glass back into the frame (make sure its clean and spot free), securing it with a bit of glue, the do the same with your tissue/wrapping paper covered backing. Optional add decoration, I used a drawer pull at first but it was too heavy and eventually fell off so I then added some gold hearts from a schrunchie.

For the chalk board, place your painted board into the frame also securing with glue.

And that's it!! I told you it was easy.

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