Easy, Long Lasting Stencils for Stuff.

Introduction: Easy, Long Lasting Stencils for Stuff.

About: I live in New Zealand! on a small farm that's just big enough to have serious fun on with paddock cars and things I enjoy pyrotechnics and things that go boom!

Hey to the instructables family! This Is me losing my posting virginity :) but here it goes constructive criticism is appreciated thanks

To make a short story long:
Here I will attempt to explain to you how to make your own long-lasting stencils for ummmm... stenciling? I was recently gifted a toyota corolla that had been in an accident and was now De-registered meaning that it cannot be driven on New Zealand roads anymore. Now for most this is a bad thing meaning that the vehicle is now scrap, but then there are the select few who see these vehicles not as a useless hunk of steel but see them as an opportunity to "learn" to"drive" and practice drifting in a paddock. Thus the name Paddock-basher was born! these are vehicles that are deemed too "unsafe" for roads but paddocks aren't roads are they? This is where the fun begins!!
Shortening the original long story:
I wanted to make my car look cooler. This is how I did it:  
And this is what you need:
1x computer
1x printer
1x Xactoknife (we dont have those in little ol` New Zealand so I just use hobby knives (From Miter 10/Bunnings)
1x piece of paper for every stencil you make
1x cutting mat or if you are me (which you aren`t) you will just cut on the table top
1x laminator (Optional but makes them last more betterer)
1x laminating sheets for every stencil you intent to create (see above)
1x internet connection (for searching logos stencils etc.)
1x Awesome songs playlist booming in the background (this is a must)
1x Awesome smart handsome coll all knowing person to lead you through the step Oh wait! that`s me! I think that`s all we will need.

Step 1: Finding Images for Stencils:

The first thing to do is jump on the confuser and search the web for any cool pictures you like I first searched for Red-bull and found plenty of use able logos but you can just search stencils and see what ya like :) You do however need to think about the lettering... There can`t be too many O`s (and letters that have holey bits E.G. D`s Q`s A`s B`s and so on) however there are proper stencils that have been scanned into the computer and used. But don't listen to me just find what you like and print it! (you may want to check for copy wrongs here) Check the print-preview or you may end up printing 3 pages of Google search results like I did and if you've ever owned a Brother printer you'll know that the scum-bags wont let you print black and white... Even if you're out of yellow! Make sure the Logo or stencil or pictures of cyclones are how you want them on the preview (E.G. right orientation/fits the page) you wont need colour as this is a stencil... No-one will know if it was printed in colour (Color for the Yanks out there!! :). Then print that out easy as! next step here we come!

Step 2:

To lengthen the life of the lengthy life stencils I recommend A good lamination coat or you can try and cut them out of a wood or thin plastic? But if you are careful enough with them they will be fine for around 20-30 sprays un-laminated (In case you are wondering I am not careful with them! :P ) 

To use a laminator is simple: 
Step one:
Purchase laminator
Step two:
Read the instructions
Step three:

Step 3:

Get the cutting I have blades from Mitre ten that were Super cheap (and are now super blunt... what a surprise) but work(ed)( till they dulled and eventually went blunt...)  

Step 4:


Step 5:

Everything that you want the paint to go through I hope that this is explanatory enough...

Step 6:

If you are a good sprayer (Not me) Then you wont need to tape super highest quality overspray catchers on to the sides of your stencil if you, by chance are a horrid spray artist (Myself included) then I can sell you some super highest quality overspray catchers for 199 yen left in the hole in the tree at the park by 12 oclock 24/1/14 Or you can DIY it and make 'em outta' som' paper an' tape them along th' edges of yer stencil so yo' dont git excess paint on th' pannels of yer 1991 co'olla

Sorry...  I had to get that redneck outta me! It says:
paper and tape them along the edges of your stencilso you dont get excess paint on the pannels of your 1991 corolla.

Step 7:

Get paint.

Step 8:

Hold in good sprayin hand.

Step 9:

Use other hand to hold stencil flat against surface. (with other hand)

Step 10:

Spray stencil.

Step 11:


As am I with writhing Instructables! Sorry there arent any of my own photos... but I am just WAAAAAAY To lazy to do that... ;) Here have a photo of my dog. who ever guesses his name is awesome :)  And you can have some pictures of previous paddocks bashers and the stuff we get up to at my place: And then randoms from my PC

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I really liked the picture of the Straight Up & Down Tower of Pisa, but cutting the stensels on the table top is a problem. Did your mom strangle you?

    ".....his name is awesome....." I like your dog named "Awesome". Good name.

    Tv one5
    Tv one5

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    The Idea behind the straightup and down pisa is that its an OCD Nightmare. Which ithought would be a cool present (I dont know anyone OCD though...)
    Nah sorry I should have added that the table has an extra layer of MDF above it meaning I can cut straight into it its like a worktable thing. Have you ever heard of lord of the rings models? I used it for that when they existed...
    Haha About the dog... umm yea I gave it away didnt I? Although I was lying when I gave it away...
    What about your name Grey dog? Is that awesome too? So nope no strangling from the MUM (notice the lack of a "O"?)


    8 years ago

    Is that you and the other kid with the gun

    Tv one5
    Tv one5

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    yep We tipped the truck in the other pictures.
    then I was given a corolla and sprayed it up with these awesome stencils I made! Just random things like RED BULL and stuff

    Tv one5
    Tv one5

    Reply 9 years ago

    No Im no Kiwi! Imma MOA!!!

    Not a lawn moa by the ways! :)