Introduction: Easy {semi} Instant Food

everbody wants good food, but doesnt have much time to cook a good meal daily,

this way you only have to spend 3 hours a month on cooking and 10 minutes each day for a good meal.


30*30= 900 minutes = 11 hours a month cooking

my way is less than

3 hours (all preparations) (can be done in weekends)

10*30=300 minutes= 5 hours.


warning this way of cooking only works for:

pasta's (spagetti, targiatella ,lasagne [uses a little bit different technique to do, but the principle is the same])

asian meals (using rice, noodles, ect)


it does not work for meals using whole pieces of meat (ham, steak, bacon)

it also doesnt work for meals that have 5 separate ingredients.

Step 1: Easy Cooking

this way of cooking only takes 40+10(later) minutes

step1 think about what you want to make, for example (nasi goreng) then get all ingredients for 3-4 people.

step2 make all ingredients as normal by recepie, but dont cook the rice/bami

step3 if you eat 1/3rd of a normal 3-4P serving separate the sause+meat in ziplock plastic bags, (heat/cold resistance) (if possible take dual sealers)

step4 make for 1 person rice/bami and enjoy your meal


step 5 if you want to eat the same meal a week later, now you only need 2 pots, boil water in both put in the rice in 1 of the pots. and the zip-lock bag with your meal in the other.

step5.1 why is it great dorm food: nobody has to complain about that he/she does not like the meal, since each portion is for 1 person and it needs only 1-2 pots for cooking the ready to serve seal-bags

step 6 after everything is cooked to temperature take out the bag and dry of the rice. after that pour the sause+meat on the rice.

step 7 (the reason) now you have a easy meal wich can be consumed every day and dont bother cooking for hours weekly. if you spend 100$ (average for 4 people) on meat and others, make everything for 1 month (3/4P*7=1month) this way you have more time daily for other stuff, and save tons of time on average for cooking

step8 (why not adding rice?) if you add rice to your meal before freezing it and then rebake it later, its super super dry and doenst have much flavour anymore.

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