Introduction: Easy to Knit Wrecked Tee

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Everyone needs a little touch of punk in their wardrobe! This Wrecked Tee is an oversized top that's edgy yet cute depending on the color you decide to make it in. It's an easy knit for beginners and can be completed in a weekend.


  • 235-300gr of cotton yarn (approx. 500-600m). We recommend using Cascade Ultra Pima (100g/200m per skein)
  • 8mm (US11) needles, either straight or circular (as long as it can hold all your stitches!)
  • Sewing needle


In this tutorial, you will need to cast on, knit with two strands held together, work in a 1x1 rib, drop stitches, work in stockinette stitch, and cast off. If you’re new to knitting, Wool and the Gang has great tutorials for beginners.

Step 1: Using the Cable Cast on Method and Two Strands Held Together, Cast on 60 Sts.

Step 2: Work in a 1x1 Rib (knit 1, Purl 1 Until the Last Stitch) for 11 Rows.

Step 3: Switch to Stockinette Stitch (knit on the Right Side, Purl on the Wrong Side). Work for 9.5 Inches (approx. 34 Rows), Ending on a Purl Row.

Step 4: Knit 49 Sts, Drop the 50th and 51st Stitch and Cast on 2 Sts in Its Place. Knit Until the End of the Row.

Step 5: Gently Tug on Both Sides of the Dropped Stitches Until They Drop Down to the Cast on Row.

Step 6: Continue in Stockinette Stitch for Another 7.5 Inches (approx. 26 Rows), Ending on a Purl Row.

Step 7: Work 11 Sts, Drop the 12th St and Cast on 1 St in Its Place. Knit Until the End of the Row and Loosen the Dropped Stitch.

Step 8: Work in Stockinette St for Another 5 Rows and Cast Off.


Repeat steps 1-3. In step 4, knit 11 stitches and drop the 12th stitch and cast on 1 st in its place and knit until the end of the row. Repeat steps 5-6. Knit 49 sts, drop the 50th and 51st stitch and cast on 2 sts. Knit until the end of the row. Repeat step 8.

Step 9: With Wrong Sides Facing Each Other, Use the Mattress Stitch to Sew the Sides of the Shirt Together. Leave 8.5” of Space at the Top for the Armhole. Repeat on the Other Side.

Step 10: Use the Invisible Horizontal Method to Sew the Shoulder Seams on Both Sides. Leave 13.5” for the Neck Opening.

Step 11: Wash With Soak or a Similar Wash for 30 Mins and Block Your Project. You’re Done!

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