Introduction: Easy-to-make Cool Sign

I this instructable I'll share my small creative project, where I made a cool sign to design my apartment.

All you need to do is to find some painting that you'll like to hang.


1. Cool sign/ picture/ painting that you want to hang

2. 20cm cheap wood-rope

3. something to make a hole with - pen, knife (warning!), or anything else that's sharp

Step 1: Collect You Supplies

1. Choose your creation you'd like to hang

2. Cut 20cm of cheap wood-rope

3. bring something sharp to make the holes

Step 2: Make the Small Holes on the Sign

Take the tool you chose and make two small accurate holes at the top corners of the sign.

I chose a simple pen in order to be accurate and to show you that you don't need any special tool for it.

Step 3: Insert the Rope

1. Insert the rope into both holes

2. Tie the rope in any simple way, make sure it's strong enough so the sign can be hanged on

Step 4: Easy Pretty Fix

1. Take the rope to the back of the sign for a better look

2. Stick a nail in the wanted area

3. Hand your sign on the nail

Step 5: Your New Beautiful Sign! :)