Easy Tool Organizer/camera Mount

Introduction: Easy Tool Organizer/camera Mount

Pros- It's styrofoam. It's easy to find for free.

Cons-It's styrofoam. It looks super ghetto and tends to make a mess when you put a bunch of holes in it.

Step 1: Tool Organizer

Get a big chunk of foam and stick all your tools in it with a stabbing
motion. Stab the closed plier end of pliers, not the handles. It makes a perfectly sized hole with just the right amount of clearance after removing it. Find big foam thrown out at stores that sell furniture, appliances, etc. If you're trying to be too legit you could go buy 2 inch pink rigid foam insulation and put it two layers thick to make 4 inches. 4 inches is good for most hand tools.

Wow...Starting a sentence with a number, if theyre good enough for the middle why not the beginning? I meant capital 4 by the way.

Step 2: Camera Mount

Buy a bag of bamboo barbecue skewers. (1 to 2 dollars cost) Support your camera phone at the angle you want by sticking the skewers into the foam. Watch video if that doesn't make sense. Watch it anyways if it does. It's a very good video. Lots of drama.

This is very helpful to me as a lone instructabler without a dedicated camera man. For heavier duty camera mounting some chopsticks and hotglue may be required. The skewers have a lot of wiggle to them as they are not very rigid. For a simple stationary mount in a still environment though they work well.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Cool idea! And if you go to the view all page in the editer, there will be the boxes that are the steps. Click on the X in the corner of the step you'd like to delete. Then save.