Introduction: Eco Friendly Shoe Flowerpot With LED 2.0

Everyone have an old shoes lying around somewhere at home..So I made this one for you. this is my 1st instructable and not sure about the content making and am extremely bad at english...
So coming onto the project , its literally just a shoes painted with colors is filled with some soil so that it can support a plant growth.
I done this project to add a life to my PC desk and added a LED into it so that it gives a nice ambient light feel at night time. you guys can directly make this without even proceeding to the next steps , still Iam just making the remaining steps as a formality.

Step 1: Materials Required

An Old shoe

Some color , paint, brush

Soil and Plant

LED if u need a glow to it

Step 2: Cleaning

As I was having an old shoe which was completely full of dust and other things.. So I cleaned it by using the coconut Fibres ( Chakiri in native Lang.) and used a piece of cloth to dry it up.

Step 3: Painting

Painting was the worst step for me...first of all the paint was so not getting evenly applied, there were brush strokes marks etc..And my idea of painting yellow was simply got down.but I let the paint dry up so that it will act a s a base layer for the red and violet coating.

Step 4: Filling Soil and Placing the Plant

Now I filled the shoes with some soil and added some water to make it lil smooth and make sure you Move that soil to the toe part and to all spaces in shoe...Next I placed the plant which is normally a small plant here with red like leaves and placed its root firmly to the soil.


So basically my project is done but as Iam placing it on my computer desk to give it a tech feel I placed an LED strip inside it with a 9v Charger from a Tablet powering it...Honestly the project doesn't came out to be the one I had in my mind.Anyway i will repaint it soon and may give LED strip aroung the heel part.

So Thanks for ur valuable time looking into my project and sorry for the low quality pics and Lack of quality content making, will try to improve in upcoming projects!

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