Introduction: Edible Witch Hats

I was invited to a Halloween party this year and was asked to bring a dessert dish. I wanted to do more than just buy pack of cookies at the store, but given my lack of time and cooking talents I didn’t have many choices. Then I came across this great treat that is sure to please any chocolate lovers. These witch hats are not only delicious but are super simple to make given my tight schedule.


1 package of Keeblers striped cookies

1 package of Hershey Kisses



Cookie tray


Decorating tube various tips (optional)

Step 1: Step 1: Gather Ingredients and Supplies

All of the ingredients for these treats can be found at your local grocery store, or even lying around the house. The frosting color does not matter, although I personally stayed with chocolate, but you can choose whatever color you want.

Step 2: Step 2: Assemble Treats

Once all the ingredients are gathered it is time to start assembling the treats.

1. Place the cookies flat, chocolate side up, on a cookie tray.

o Honestly any flat surface would do. Other surfaces like wax paper or paper towels can be used if you don’t want to clean off the cookie tray afterward The frosting does sink through the hole of the cookie so I would recommend to place them on something that you don't mind getting some frosting on.

2. Unwrap a Hershey kiss and place frosting on the bottom.

o This is where you can use the decorating tube and tips to create an even spread of frosting. I used a spoon and just spooned frosting onto the kiss. It isn’t the prettiest but it will work.

3. Smash the two pieces together.

o And by smash I mean gently place the kiss on the cookie right over the hole so the frosting can stick the two pieces together and complete the treat.

4. Decorate

o if you have a decorating tube, you can decorate the hat to your hearts content, adding a bow, fringe, or an extra design. I kept mine simple since I didn’t have a decorating tube, but you can make yours as fabulous as you want.

Step 3: Step 3: Enjoy

Congrats! You have finished your great looking Halloween treat. Now all that is left is to take it to your Halloween party and let all the guests enjoy.

Total prep time: ~15 minutes. It all depends on how creative you decide to be.

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