Egg Cartons Accessory Display

Introduction: Egg Cartons Accessory Display

As a jewelry designer and also a woman with lots of accessories, it is hard to store and display all of my jewelry. Because of the lack of accessory storage system, many women have to go through all pieces of jewelry to find the match every morning and sometimes we even lose one side of earrings. We need an accessory display or storage at home for sure. However, we often find that accessories display racks are expensive, so I started wondering what if I can use things in my home, and found the egg cartons. I purchase a dozen of eggs almost every week and throw the cartons out after using all the eggs. I realized that if the egg cartons have a perfect shape of storing accessories with only 3 mins work.

Let's start making jewelry display at no cost!

Step 1: Divide Egg Carton Into Three

Using a scissor, cut the egg carton into three pieces with two convex shapes in the middle.

Step 2: Cut Out the Center Piece of Egg Cartons the Shape You Want

Cut out the center piece of egg cartons the shape you want using a scissor.

Step 3: Display Accessories

Put rings on the convex shapes from #3, put an earring on the top, and store other accessories underneath

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    2 years ago

    it's eco-friendly & lovely~


    2 years ago

    Great idea! : )