Eiffel Tower Nails (Stripes)




Introduction: Eiffel Tower Nails (Stripes)

About: Making cute nail art that's affordable, reasonable, and totally do-able on short, natural nails :) If you have any requests, feel free to inbox!

Here's a quick and easy how-to for how to make perfect stripes. This is perfect for anyone with a tight budget, and you get perfect stripes every time! At the end I will describe how to make an Eiffel tower for those who want to make their nails pop!

Step 1: How to Make Perfect Stripes

You Will Need: white polish, a bright polish, clear polish, nail art tape (can order cheap off Amazon, or get from a beauty store, any color is ok), and small scissors (nose hair trimmers work the best, because they're very small).
1. Paint every nail white. You may need multiple coats. Allow to dry completely.
2. Take the nail art strips and stripe your nails with them. Cut the ends short.
3. Paint every part of the nail (even over the tape) with a bright color. Allow to dry completely.
4. Carefully peel off tape. (Stripes turn out better if you peel one at a time.)

If you'd like to leave the nails with just stripes, no design on top, seal with a clear coat of polish and you're done. If you'd like a design, continue on to the next slide.

Step 2: La Tour Eiffel

To make this, I used a Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen
Start by making a ^ kind of shape. Then fill in the base and add 2 horizontal stripes: one in the middle, and one near the top. Allow 5 minutes to dry, seal with a clear top coat, and you're done! Enjoy :)

Please feel free to rate my design, and check out my other designs. If you like what you see, follow me :) I try to post designs frequently. Thanks for the view!

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