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Introduction: Elder Care Day Reminder Clock

Day of the Week Reminder Wall Clock.

A simple clock that does an important job.

My father in his later years had trouble remembering what day of the week it was, (don't we all though!)

To help him out I constructed this 7 day clock using a reasonably priced quartz 7 day movement easily found online.

The clock face image was designed on Adobe Illustrator.

I have included a PDF file of the clock face that can be printed out on standard 8.5" x 11" printer paper, or adhesive label paper if available.

Clock image design parameters considered for elder use:

- Large size (8" diameter).

- Simple easy to read intuitive layout with no visual distractions.

- Large bold type, no abbreviations.

- High contrast.

- Large easy to read arm.

An interesting consideration is that digital clocks first appeared in the 1970's. Those of a certain age will be more comfortable with a traditional analog clock.


7 day quartz clock movement, found online or eBay.


Dial backing material of your choice (see instructions).

Coping or jig saw.

5/16" drill bit and drill.

Drawing compass.

Glue or spray adhesive.

Step 1:

Paper Dial Image

Download and print out the dial image.

The printed dial size is 7 1/4".

A color printer is only needed for the yellow "sun" circles, if a black and white printer is used simply apply 1/2" colored paper circles over the "sun" areas. The yellow circles, besides being a strong visual marker for each day, also indicate noon for that day, morning before, evening after.

A laser print image is more durable, but ink jet will suffice.

Set your compass to 3 3/4", to draw a 7 1/2" circle using the very center of the dial image. Cut out the paper dial along that line, giving you a 7 1/2" paper circle. Also cut out the 5/16" center hole using a sharp knife.

Step 2:

Dial Material

The dial backing can be cut from various materials; acrylic sheet, heavy cardboard, chipboard, hardboard, Masonite, or very smooth wood. I used 1/8" acrylic. IMPORTANT: make sure that the shaft of the quartz movement is long enough for the material thickness you use.

Use a compass to draw a 8" circle on your material.

Cut out with a hand coping, or jig saw. Sand the edges smooth.

Drill a 5/16" center hole for the clock movement shaft.

Step 3:


Mount the paper dial image on your cut out 8" circle material. Best results are had by using spray adhesive, other glue/adhesive products can be used if applied carefully. Printing the dial image on adhesive backed label paper is also an excellent option.

Line up the center holes for proper location when attaching the paper dial to the dial backing material.

Install the quartz movement and single hand, the movement has a convenient hanger included.

Insert a AA battery, set. Done.

A practical location for the clock is below a standard 12 hour clock.

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    2 years ago

    Simple but needed! Thanks for sharing :)