Introduction: Elder Wand

This is how to make the Elder Wand seen in Harry Potter. Other tutorials use hot glue but hot glue is optional in this tutorial.

You will need:
-Air dry Clay(I used Crayola model magic)
-Dotting tool or something to add the hole details
-Brown paint
-Hot glue gun
-Black and gold paint
-Sponge brush

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Step 1: Add Texture to the Wand

This part is optional but I recommend you to create a layer of hot glue to the skewer to add a wood-like, realistic texture. You can also use clay to add a layer of wood texture.

Step 2: Sculpting the Details.

Begin sculpting the details of the wand with clay onto the skewer. Use a picture for reference.

Step 3: Adding the Holey Texture

Using a dotting tool(I used the back of a small paintbrush), create small holes to recreate the texture of the elder want. Again, use a picture for reference.

Step 4: Painting

After your clay has dried, paint the entire wand with brown paint. It is a bit difficult to paint the small holes but be patient.

Step 5: Optional Details

This step is optional but does make the wand look a bit more realistic. Using a sponge brush, dab some black and/or gold paint over the brown onto the wand to create some detail.

Step 6: Draw the Symbols.

Draw the symbols onto a small piece of paper. I burnt the edges of the paper a bit for more detail but you don't have to do that.

Step 7: Last Step

Glue the piece of paper with the symbols onto the wand. Wait for everything to dry completely and you are finished!

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