Electric Nutcracker 12V DC Machine

Introduction: Electric Nutcracker 12V DC Machine

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I built an electric machine for cracking nuts. Here watch a video I produced for you to see the machine in action and to have an idea on how it is made and it would be easier to follow this instructable:

Step 1: The Materials and Tools

For building this machine, you need some experiences metalworking skills, since it includes a lot of welding, grinding and cutting metals. In the case of work related to metal cutting, grinding and welding, special care should be taken

To build the nut crackers you need:

  • angle grinder,
  • welder,
  • drill,
  • car wipier motor,
  • and some metal.

At the beginning you must cut 3mm thick sheet metal, four 200X 50mm straight stripes, then drill three holes in one rectangle to which the motor will be attached. Next, we will need an old screw, which will ultimately form a shaft that crack nuts. Drill the hole in the screw and then thread it so that we can screw it on the motor shaft from the wipers.

Step 2: Making the Axe

After attaching the motor to the plate, adjust the nut cracker cracks. We need a hinge for this. Then cut a rectangle made of corrugated metal, size 190X45 mm, and weld it together with a hinge to the inner wall of the walnut cracker.

Next we weld screws and flat bars with drilled holes to the machine's casing.
When we have finished welding, we are going to fold the housing. Next, we weld the threaded bolts to the shaft.

Step 3: The Assembly

After assembling the housing, we still have to weld a piece of angle that will guide the nuts on the crushing roller.

To the frame, we install two flat bars with dimensions of 400x20mm and the machine is ready for painting

Step 4: Crack Nuts

In the end it's time to break the nuts. The machine crack all the walnuts very quickly, copes well with large walnuts (which are hard to split) and small hazelnuts.

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