Introduction: Electrostatic Wizard's Wand (for Less Than $5)

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We are going to make two types of electrostatic wands:

  • The marker wand is an easy-three-steps kind of build, but you will have to rub it on your head for it to work.
  • The ionizer-based wand has a modest amount of strength, but you only have to press the button each time.

Step 1: Watch the Video!

Step 2: The Marker Wand

A marker, a wooden stick, air dry clay and some hot glue. That's all you need.

Do not paint the marker unless you have conductive ink/paint or you will decrease the wand’s strength.

Important: Barely put the wooden stick inside the marker.

Step 3: The Ionizer Wand

You will need a usb air purifier, some cables, a push button, a battery holder, three small button cells, a wooden stick, a soda can, a plastic bottle, hot glue, air dry clay and a lot of tape.

Remember that the pieces of soda can at the base should be all connected to the ground wire. The HV wire of the ionizer is connected to the aluminum cylinder at the tip of the wand.

Do not use the air dry clay in the middle section. It can be conductive and you will have a short circuit.

If you don’t have conductive ink/paint it’s better to go very light on the painting of the aluminum parts.

Important: Barely put the wooden stick inside the aluminum cylinder. I had to break a wand for that reason.

Step 4: Play

You can build several magic themed electrostatic toys: like an Aluminum Snitch, a Paper Dementor, or just grab a piece of styrofoam and some balloons, you lazy person.

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