Introduction: Elephant Card for Every Occasion

About: Heya, I'm Helen and I love to make and learn how to do stuff.

Here I show you how you can craft this cute elephant card for every occasion. The words on the card are German and say: ´best wishes!´ But you can write anything to the card, depending on the occasion!

Step 1: What You Need

Here is what you need:

- white and colored paper

- scissor

- pencil

- glue (don´t use liquid glue)

- puncher

Step 2: The Card

Fold a piece of colored paper in half. Glue the white paper onto the folded card. Make sure you can still see a frame of the other paper.

Step 3: Elephants

Cut out the elephants. I made my own pattern an took a photo of it (first photo).

On the next photo you can see the elephants. I made four, but the number of elephants depends on how big you make them and how big your card is.

Step 4: Puncher

Now to the fun part.

Use the puncher to punch out the colored paper.

You need more confetti than on the photo!

Step 5: Glue, Elephants and Confetti

Now glue the elephants in a line to the card. Make a `way´ where they walk on.

Use the rest of the confetti to write a short notice to the card. I wrote `best wishes´ but you can write `happy anniversary/ birthday, Thank you´, etc. on it.

Let it dry.

There you go - a cute elephant card for every occasion!