Introduction: Ellie Ment the Element Identifier

Ellie is a Roomba that has been programmed to be able to detect various colors using her camera, sense if she is going over a cliff so she can stop herself from toppling over, and will move out of the way of obstacles when her bumpers hit something in her way. We named our Roomba 'Ellie Ment' as a play on words for 'element', since she is able to identify which element she is looking at according to the color of the paper.

This project was developed and preformed by Christopher Cannon, Kayla Sims and Gretchen Evans, for their EF 230 class robot project.

Step 1: Bumper Sensors & Camera Imaging

Ellie was programmed to check for color using her camera when her left, right or front bumpers were activated. The camera would then identify which color she was facing, either blue, green or red which all represent different elements that are located on Mars, and then show which 'element' she is in front of.

Step 2: Cliff Sensor

Ellie is programmed to sense when she is getting close to a cliff, or in our case the white paper border, and is able to turn herself around to stay within the set boundaries.

Step 3: Light Bump

Ellie's light bump sensors help her sense how close she is to the stands that hold the colored sheets of paper, and then helps her re-position so that her camera is better able to see the color and therefore alert us of what the element is she's looking at.

Step 4: The Code

Attached is the code that was developed to give Ellie her commands in order to find the 'elements' in the given area.