Introduction: Ellu Urundai : Two Ingredient Sesame Sweet

Ellu Urundai is one of the very famous South Indian Snack food made with just two ingredients, Sesame seeds and Jaggery. You can add a third ingredient, Crushed cardamom seeds, to give more aroma to the sweet dish.

Ellu in Tamil language means Sesame seeds and Urundai means Shaped like a small ball.

In this instructable we will see how to make Ellu Urundai

Step 1: Main Ingredients

Main two ingredients

  • One cup of Black Sesame seeds
  • Half the quantity of country-made Jaggery

Additionally you can add few crushed cardamom seeds,that is optional

Step 2: Prepare Ingredients

  • Dry roast the Sesame seeds till they crack and splatter
  • Remove from stove and allow to cool
  • Break the Jaggery into pieces
  • Remove seeds from Cardamom pods and crush into powder

Step 3: Make Jaggery Juice

  • Boil one cup of water in a pan and add broken jaggery in it
  • Add the crushed Cardamom powder also and boil till all jaggery pieces are dissolved in water
  • Filter out the juice in a vessel through a tea filter and remove any impurities from jaggery

Step 4: Make Ellu Urundai Mix

  • Keep the vessel with the jaggery juice over medium flame and heat till the juice is condensed and drops like a continuous thread from the spoon
  • Now add the roasted Sesame seeds to it and mix well

Step 5: Make Ellu Urundai

  • Once the sesame seeds are mixed with jaggery paste, immediately remove the mix from the stove
  • Make small ball shapes with hand when the mix is still hot. Once mix cools down, it will harden and you may not be able to make the required shape

Kids love this snack very much. It is also good for health.

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