Introduction: Embrace - Worker Safety Monitoring System

Next generation Smart Safety Helmet

Step 1: The Idea

Worker's smart safety Helmet.What if safety helmet worn my worker becomes smarter? What if workers are warned in advance about a hazard? What if the worker is updated with the information about the environment they are working in? This can prevent lot injuries and save many lives. Company central control room get to know the hazard there working are in and prevent injuries. Company get analytic about the safety for their worker. The system can predict Hazard and accident, send out sos and warning to concerned authorities.The system continuously analyzes the data coming from different sensor show up to the worker if needed or get updated in the central server. these analyzed data can provide the basic warning for worker and data cloud can be used for further analysis of threats. the configuration of the sensors will differ from the work environment. In some use case helmet mounted display can come handy. Instead of carrying a lot of equipment to know work-related threats work can use this system to measure the level of different threats.

Step 2: Hardware Used

  1. Intel® Edison Kit with Arduino Breakout Board
  2. Grove Base Shield
  3. Grove Ambient Light Sensor
  4. Grove Sound Sensor
  5. Grove Gas Sensor
  6. Grove Temperature Sensor
  7. Grove Buzzer
  8. Grove LCD Display

Other Things

  1. Gloves
  2. Safety Helmet

Step 3: Assembly

1. Attach base board to Arduino break out board

2. Add required sensors.

3. Fix complete assembly under the helmet

4 attach a battery

6. Start Programming.

Step 4: The Program

Download and Run the Program.

Already added support for Cloud Analytics.

Follow the Steps in following link to Implement cloud.

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