Emergency Button With NodeMCU




Introduction: Emergency Button With NodeMCU

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Emergency Button help you to get help if there is any Emergency
situation , just Push the button and it will post in facebook or twitter automatically the message that you put it in the code , you can add another button if you have a medical condition on which you should be taken to the hospital immediately, when you press the button the message will be posted to Facebook or Twitter, and someone of your friends will see it , he will call the hospital .

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Step 1: Full Tutorial

Step 2: Hardware Required

  • NodeMCU
  • Push Button
  • 1 K Resistor
  • Jumper wires
  • 3.7 v Battery , or , 5 v Battery
  • Breadboard

Step 3: Connections

D2 = 4 in coding .

Step 4: Coding

Don't forget :

* (( WiFi.begin("SSID","Password"); ))

SSID & Password = your WiFi name and password

* (( MakerIFTTT_Key ="your Key"; ))

The photos is explain how to get the key

Step 5: How to Make It Post in Twitter

Go to IFTTT website and follow the photos

Step 6: Making a Box

Step 7: Testing

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Question 7 months ago

Hello! I ran your program for a personal project. I want to modernize the old intercom. Instead of the button I put a relay which is actuated by the intercom ring signal. It works perfectly, it sends me a message in IFTTT, but the relay remains activated as long as the ring signal exists (as if the button is kept locked). As long as the button is locked, the message is forwarded to IFTTT continuously. Can you help me with a code so that if the button remains locked (example for 30 seconds), the IFTTT message will be transmitted only once? Thank you very much !