Introduction: Emergency Power Bank Just for $1 (50 Rs)

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Hello friends,

We all know our devices needs power all the time, either we are travelling or sitting in house.

so here is an interesting instructable for all of you guys who wants to make their own Power Bank for just 1 $.

Think it : Make it and have fun.

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Step 1: Stuff You Need

So guys before starting this all you need these things which are as following :

  1. 9 Volt Dry Battery
  2. Battery clip
  3. Micro USB cable (for charging purpose)
  4. Soldering wire
  5. soldering Iron
  6. Soldering Paste

All this stuff is very cheap and will cost you less than $1 or i can say 30-35 rupees.

Step 2: Making the Circuit

Now after arranging all the stuff you need to prepare the Circuit diagram as shown in the image.

after drawing the circuit now it's turn to solder all the things, so first of all take the IC 7805 (which is Voltage Regulator IC and use to step down the voltage) and solder the battery clip and Micro USB cable.

for detailed instruction visit the link :

NOTE : be careful while soldering the Micro USB and the Battery clip on IC, you may burn IC or your hand.

Step 3: Testing of Power Bank

So guys if you are here, it means you have done all the above things and now it's time to testing your device.

so why are you waiting, just take your Phone or Tablet and try to charge.

Upgrade Your Power Bank :

1. You can now pack this power bank circuit inside any Match Box or plastic box and carry with you all the time.

2. You can use Duracell or any other rechargeable 9 V battery with your power bank.

For any kind of Help

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FAQs :

1. Why my power bank is not working ?
Maybe you connected the wrong wires or your connections are not soldered properly.
2. Where should i go for these parts ?
You can find all these parts on any Electric shop.
3. if i need more help ?
Message me or try to find me on social networks given in instructable.
4. Can i use any other battery instead of 9 volts?
Yes, you can use battery up to 35 Volts DC but you need to place a Heat Sink with the IC 7805.
5. Why you used 9 Volt battery?
I used a 9 volt battery because it's easy to carry for your Emergency Power Bank and easily available in the market.
6. Can i use something else on the place of IC 7805?
Yes sure, you can use Buck Switching Regulator with 5 Volts output on the place of 7805.