Introduction: Encapsulate Stuff in Big Smoothie Straws!

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Surely encasing things in straws is nothing new for you survival folks, but I thought I'd make an I'ble on it any ways. My main difference is that I used half inch Smoothie Straws instead of those little ones.

Step 1: Materials and Tools.

Here is a list for you.
3)A lighter.(or matches)
4)what you plan on encapsulating inside the straw, this could be: glue, paste, matches, spices, herbs, soap, shampoo, body wash, petroleum jelly, fire tinder, pills, purification tablets, glycerine, you name it!*
5)A half inch diameter Smoothie Straw! Or a tiny regular straw, but the bigger ones hold more.
*as long as it fits inside.

Step 2: Playing With Fire!

If you are a kid, please get a parent to do this for you! I don't want you to burn your hands or your house.
Other wise let's move on to the good stuff!
What you need to do is crimp the straw with the pliers(I'd leave about 3/16" sticking out or about .6 cm) and then use a lighter or matches to melt the end down to the pliers. Be sure to leet it cool down a few seconds before letting go with the pliers to allow the plastic to harden. This is to make a water tight seal that will keep anything inside dry.
Note#1) if you you have heard of melting then squeezing with the pliers over the melted plastic, that will work as well but it is harder to do and makes the melted part thinner where it meets the straw, which could caused it to break and leak.
Note#2) I also like using the larger straws because the plastic is thicker and less likely to break.

Step 3: Filling It Up!

Now you're about a 1/3 of the way done!
Now you can fill your straw with the filling you selected!
I found that my container holds a striker, five matches, and some cotton fire starter.
You can determine however much you want to put in your straw, but if you fill it then leave some room at the top for you to crimp and melt it. Make it as long or short as you like.
Note: If you put tooth paste in yours, I suggest not sealing the bottom and squeezing the toothpaste into it first because it is so thick it won't leet air pass around it. Then you can melt the bottom, remove some excess from the top and seal it up.

Step 4: Completion!

Last step! crimp the end close to the filling and cut the extra straw left, but still leaving the amount I said to leave, and melt it to seal it all up!

Step 5: Testing!

I like to test mine to ensure they are good to go!
I know that thousands of people may already know how to do this but I haven't seen any one try the smoothie straws.
If you know of any other ways or straws please let me know in comments below.
My mother wanted me to add that these can make great storage containers for ladies that liked specific shampoos or body washes but don't want to have to buy expensive containers for going on trips. They can also be resealed if not all its contents are used.
You can buy these large straws at your local grocery store near the frozen goods, or online!
Thank you for reading!