Engraving X-mas Balls

Introduction: Engraving X-mas Balls

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Engraving on a christmas ball.

We're going to tell you how you can engrave your illustration on a christmas ball.

Step 1: Getting Started

First things first. You’re gonna need a Egg-bot. You have more than one variation of the machine. When you buy a Egg-bot you’re also gonna need a diamond engraver tool. And of course you need the christmas balls. That might come in handy. Glass christmas balls work the best. You’re also gonna need Inkscape. It’s a program like Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW. But with this program you can download plugins from the internet. And the plug ins you’re going to need to send your drawings to the Egg-bot. Let’s begin with the Egg-bot. After you’ve made the Egg-bot and put the diamond engraver on the device. You can start with making a drawing in Inkscape if you haven’t started yet. You can also download free vector files from the internet if you aren’t known to illustrator or programs who work the same.

Step 2: Illustration & Set Up

When you have a illustration in Inkscape and you already have the plug ins you can start with printing. You go to expansion > Egg bot > Egg bot control. When you click on it there comes a screen with Plot, Setup, Timing, Options, Manual, Resume, Layers etc. First you have to go to Options and click on : Enable engraver, if attached. Then you go to Timing and make sure that : Speed when pen is down (steps/s) : is between the 40 and 20 otherwise the engraved part won’t look good. Then you go to Setup you make sure that the : Pen up position, 0 – 100% is when the engraver doesn’t touch the christmas ball all around. And by the : Pen down position 0 – 100=% you have to make sure that the engraver touches the whole christmas ball where ever it is positioned. You can move the engraver around to see if the settings are right. When you have postioned the engraver on the point where you wanna know whether if it’s touching the christmas ball or not you can click on apply and he will show you if he’s touching it. And when all the settings are right you can put the christmas ball in the Egg-bot. You do that carefully otherwise the christmas ball might crack. And now you can start the engraver. See for more information : http://shop.evilmadscientist.com/productsmenu/accessories/297

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