Introduction: Enhance Your Work Bench

Add an integrated Stopper to your Work Bench. (with a twist!)

Step 1: Materials

You will need a good 2 cm thick plywood or any other firm piece of wood.

Cut the wood to the length of the stopper you want to have.

The hight should be calculated according to your work bench and how you position the support below.

Step 2: Build the Support

Depending on the with of the piece you use to be the stopper, and its length, cut a slot in your work bench.

With the same width measurement, build two U shape bases. Make sure they are firm enough.

See the diagram above.

I kept one side of the U higher than the other to add extra support when pushing against the stopper.

Attach the U shape bases to a piece of wood that will hold it in position below the slot in the work bench.

(In the images above, you can see the supporting bases under the table, once when the stopper is incorporated with the work bench surface level and once when it is used as a stopper).

To cut the slots in the stopper, lower the stopper through the slot until it lands on the bases and mark the width of the slots to cut out of the stopper. The depth of the slots need to be calculated in a way that the stopper will go just a bit above the table surface.

Now level the stopper top edge with the work bench surface.

You can use a Jack Plane to achieve maximum accuracy.

Step 3: Additional Use for the Slot in the Work Bench

I used the same slot to assist in clutching additional tools to the work bench.

On one side they fit into the slot and in the other side, I clutch them with the vise.

Very cool.