Introduction: Entrance Shelf With Coat Hanger

Hello Everybody !

This is my first instructables, and I'm French so English is not natural for me. Hope you will enjoy it and don't hesitate to comment or ask if anything is not clear.

I will explain how I made this simple shelf; you only need simple tool to build it (the most complicated tool is a circular saw)

I use this shelf to tidy all the objects that stay in the entrance : my keys / cards and money / a mirror / bags / coats / glasses / a candle ...

My shelf measure 65 cm wide, 21 cm high and 14 cm thick. But as the process is really simple you can adapt the size to what you want.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

First of all the tools you will need :

  • A saw that can cut with 45 ° angle (circular saw in my case)
  • A meter + a pencil + a rule to guide the cut
  • Screwdriver and small screw (to fix it to the wall)
  • Sand paper
  • Wood glue (the white one)

And some materials :

  • 18 mm Plywood, for the style we buy birch plywood
    • we take a board of 90 cm (height + large +4 cm) per 28 cm (thick *2)
  • 5 Hooks : we found double hook in IKEA (see picture)
  • 3 m of a non-elastic scotch tape
  • 2 plastic brackets

Step 2: 3 Cut With 45° Angle

To build our shelf we need to have 4 boards with 45° angle at each side. The dimension of the lateral board (short board) must be the same and the board above and down (long board) as well.

  1. Prepare your saw to cut with a 45° angle (half of a square angle)
  2. Plan your first cut on the wood and write on it (think about your angle the dimension in each side of the same panel will not be the same)
  3. Fasten a rule to guide your cut
  4. Cut on a workbench or something else

Then you can do your 2nd cut and 3rd cut with the same process (check the pictures)

Don't forget to fasten a rule to guide your cut.

Step 3: One Last Cut, Straight

Prepare your saw to cut straight : 90 ° angle

Write a mark on the center of your board, put a rule to guide your cut


It is really important that you cut in the center of the board.

Step 4: Verify and Prepare to Mount

Now you have 4 boards !

First clean :

Erase pencil and sand the wood burn by the saw.

Second Verify :

Put your board side by side and see if they have the good dimension

Third put right (if needed) :

Use sand paper or what you want to correct imperfections.

Step 5: Glue and Maintain With Scotch

First put glue on each part that will be in contact.

Then maintain : for that you have to put scotch around. Verify that your scotch will not make mark on your wood (brown scotch can do that).

Take your time when you put the scotch to have the cleanest angle that you can.

You can wait 2h at least or one day if you have time before removing scotch.

Step 6: Put Your Hooks ...

I have put 5 hooks at the bottom of the shelf. Divide per 5 the space we have and put mark to fix hooks on the correct place. (It depends on how many hooks you have and the length).

Then screw your hooks on it (take screw of the good size, if it is to long it will get through your board)

Step 7: ... and Hang on the Wall

Last but not least : fix on the wall !

Think about the height of your coat and the of the mirror you will put on this, and think about your size.

I put it 110 cm above the floor


I hope everything was clear, do not hesitate to ask. ;)

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