Introduction: Epic Thor's Carving Mallet

I made this awesome carving mallet out of maple and teak. This build is inspired by Thor's hammer (Mjölnir).

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Step 1: Processing the Wood

Cutting the stock to rough hammer head size and gluing it together

Step 2: Mortise and Handle

Chiseling the mortise hole to fit the handle

Step 3: Design

Transferring the design via Indigo paper

Step 4: Carving

Carving the design using the different gouges and Rotary tool

And finishing the wood with Linseed oil

Step 5: Charring With a Candle

Best trick ever ;) :D

Step 6: Cutting the Tool Holder

My Brother made the holder and I carved the serpent Jörmungandr and Tolkien runes on It "made by Moris"

Step 7: Finish

I am very happy with this build, this is definitely my greatest artwork in my opinion :P

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