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Introduction: Cancun Airport to Resorts

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Welcome to Mexico!

How to for avoiding the aggressive cabbies of Cancun...

The initial excitement of landing and passing through customs is followed by the onslaught of cab drivers aiming to fleece travelers who typically look to travel only 5-15 miles from the airport. On a recent trip to Cancun I was told that prices from the airport started at $16 with the local bus company, $30 for a shuttle down hotel row to $68 for a private cab.

Reality. There is a $1 (16 pesos) option in Cancun that is quicker than the local bus or shuttle option.

Look for the employee shuttle. Available to everyone and exceptionally safe.

Step 1: Employee Shuttle

Ask an employee not involved in transportation....

I asked a bartender who was selling drinks in the parking lot. I don't speak Spanish but at the airport where there are tourists to sell to everyone speaks English.

He pointed me towards the Corona tower at the end of the short term parking where I could find the 16peso employee shuttle. The shuttles leave when they are full but coming and going midday I never waited more than 5 minutes.

ADO is the same bus company that runs the $10 or $16 option exclusively for tourists.

Step 2: Central Bus Station

Getting from the central bus station is simple. The R1 line stops ever 2-4minutes. They are constantly moving employees and tourists from the central station to the hotels. See the attached map or click

The hotels are the hub of the local economy and everything is exceptionally safe.

Cost = 10pesos = 70cents

Step 3: Summary & Airport Wifi

If the hustle of aggressive taxi drivers isn't for you than take a look to the airport shuttle.

Time: 40min from airport to hotels near the bar area

Cost: $2 (16pesos +10pesos)

Good Luck!!

---speaking with an airport employee on the bus they shared the wifi password for the airport. This password works on the ground floor by Gate B3.

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    8 years ago

    Awesome tip. If I may add one additional tip...

    If you're there for the week, and your airfare is separate from your resort. Take the extra day off and book to arrive the Friday, it will allow you to check in at the resort before the rush, little to no line for check in. But here's why I do this. It cost $120 for the single night stay on Friday at a separate resort, taxi on the hotel zone from rest to resort or using the same bus route will be reasonable. My airfare for the Friday arrival was $530 less. It was still $410 cheaper and less stressful than arriving on checkin day. Obviously not required but traveling off peak is a huge money saver.


    8 years ago

    Same here booked by the resort. But great information for other travelers, and thank you for the wifi password. Thatwill definitely come in handy.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Absolutely! We booked through airbnb and had a great experience though lacked some of the conveniences offered by the resorts

    Thanks for the tip! Love those first photos -- those totally look like the gauntlet we ran through on our way into Cancun! :-D Great trip; slightly freaky airport experience. Watch out for the guys selling timeshares too!


    8 years ago

    Ive been there, our shuttle was booked by the resort