Introduction: Etching Ornaments for a Luxe Centrepiece

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As every grandma, I love having my grandchildren around. They bring so much life and laughter to my house! But I also love a stylish and well decorated house. Usually the kid friendly decor isn't very stylish. It's fun, maybe cute, but not stylish.

So I bought some cheap plastic ornaments and decided to make a centrepiece that won't get damaged if it gets hit by a ball.

To make them look better I etched them and I love how it turned out.

Keep reading and I'll show you.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Plastic ornaments

Two big candles


Floral foam


Tissue paper




Etching spray paint


A round big lid

Step 2: Paint the Ornaments

Remove the top of the ornaments and put a skewer though the hole. If it's too loose put some tape at the tip of the skewer.

This will help you hold the ornament and etch them evenly.

Look at the last picture. Can you believe it's the same ornament?

Step 3: Attach Wire

Put back the top of the ornaments.

Cut the wire and attach them to the ornament leaving a long "stem".

Step 4: Make the Base

Cut the floral foam and place it all over the lid.

Then hold it with tape.

Finally trim the excess of foam.

Cover the entire base with tissue paper. Tape it to the bottom of the lid.

Step 5: Assemble

Put the candles on top. Then insert the wire of the ornaments in the floral foam. I also cut some pieces of ribbon and attached a wire to cover the smaller spaces and to add another texture to the design.

And that's it!

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