Ethnic Anklet Tutorial on How to Make an Anklet With String and Beads




Introduction: Ethnic Anklet Tutorial on How to Make an Anklet With String and Beads

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Anklet is especially popular during summer. You can wear on your feet when go to the beach or just go out shopping or something else. In order to create an ethnic anklet, I chose some handmade lampwork beads and glass beads to start. Now follow me to learn how to make it.

Step 1: ​Supplies in the Ethnic Anklet DIY:

1.Handmade Lampwork Beads

2.Iron Twisted Chain

3.Lobster Claw Clasp

4.Cord Ends

5.Black Nylon Jewelry Thread

6.Black Elastic String

7.Black Glass Beads

8.Gold Bead Spacer


10.Side Cutting Plier

Step 2: Attach Lampwork Bead

1st, snip off a long black elastic string, and tie a knot with nylon thread as a starting point;

2nd, cross the elastic string through the lampwork bead's hole and tie the other end tightly to the elastic string.

Step 3: Add Beads to the String

1st, thread a good seed bead, a bead and a seed bead to a short nylon string;

2nd, tie it to the elastic string and trim off the excess;

3rd, thread a gold seed bead to a long nylon string and tie to the starting point

Step 4: Bead the Main Part

1st, thread black glass beads and gold seed beads alternatively and until you finally reach the bead and tie the thread to the elastic string in the same place as the bead;

2nd, snip off 2 black nylon threads and thread beads as the previous thread, and then tie ends on the elastic string;

3rd, attach 2 beads on the string.

Step 5: Finish the Anklet

1st, prepare a short chain, 2 cord endings and a lobster clasp;

2nd, attach 2 cord endings to the string;

3rd,connet the anklet with chain and lobster clasp.

Step 6:

Just look at my handmade anklet! I love it and I wore it on my feet immediately.

Making an ethnic anklet at home is a meaningful thing instead of lying in bed playing cellphone. The supplies in this easy DIY project are simple too, making it easier for both green hands and professional jewelry makers. There are many other anklet designs on this site, just check what you like.

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