Exercise During a Vacation Trip!

Introduction: Exercise During a Vacation Trip!

We are on our annual family vacation and I don't like not being able to work out since I'm away from my home exercise room. Here is what I do besides those helpful push ups.

Step 1: Use the Luggage!

Luggage is a little heavy so why not use it to do basic curls? It's handy and gripping by the handle allows me to give my arms something to do. Mind you I'm a slight frame individual but this is an okay substitute while I'm in a hotel.

Step 2: Hand Grip Exerciser!

I brought along my hand grip exerciser to keep my normally weak grip in check. Easy to pack and always useful for morning exercise.

Step 3: The Ab Wheel!

Most people hate this nifty device but it is great for building and maintaining your core. I like it but I'm not as young as I used to be but I still work it as often as I Can which has is about 4 days a week.

Step 4: Keeping the Rhythm!

After putting my middle aged body through the reps, I'm ready with the family for our road trip to Orlando! I'm happy to be able to exercise during vacation!

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