2015 Gym Guide: Learn How to Exercise + Improve Your Health With 16+ Years Professional Guidance!

Introduction: 2015 Gym Guide: Learn How to Exercise + Improve Your Health With 16+ Years Professional Guidance!

About: Hyper curious self-actualized Fitness + Car + Invention enthusiast. Teaching the world how to exercise 1 person at a time!

Personal training is expensive. Yet people still benefit from the personal touch a fitness expert offers. My goal with this write-up is to inform you that you have options for DIY fitness education. I love personal trainers and wish everybody could hire one, however, supply and demand and the reality of cost prevent that from happening. I am giving everybody EQUAL access to professional exercise instruction!

Using 16 years of exercise knowledge, I save you money by teaching you how to exercise at your gym without hiring a personal trainer!
I utilized 4,000 hours of hands-on personal training experience to help you learn how to start and maintain a safe and effective exercise program. VIDEOS GALORE! You can teach yourself how to; stretch, warm up and cool down, perform cardio, and even perform your 1st beginner workout! You have no reason to spend money on a trainer again! (Unless you want the attention of that "hot" male or female trainer at your local club...haha..)

Learn more at

FYI: I am 5'10" and 165 pounds. I consider myself "slim with muscle". This way you know I am not your typical meat-head trainer! :) Also, I have an instructables account where I have uploaded car repairs, 50,000 pages of my personal non-fiction library, and more! All I am saying is, I am just like you but happen to be a fitness expert :)

Best of luck to your workout goals and health!

Justin S.

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    You can do plenty of exercises at your house to lose weight!
    I suggest:
    pushups, situps, planks, lunges, squats, calf raises (better if you do these over the edge of a step/stairs)

    You can do dips using 2 chairs, or dips off of the edge of a bed.

    Also, the easiest way to lose weight, which takes TONS of self-control, is to not put the bad foods in your mouth. For example, avoid sweets, fats, and unnecessary snacks and replace them with whole grains, fruits, and vegetables!

    Eat less and move more my friend! You will be down to 62 kilos in no time.

    Fitness = behavior change. You are in control.....


    9 years ago on Introduction

    hello man, i´m trying to loose some weight. I measure 1.62 cm and weighing 80 kilos, I need to get to the 62 kilos and I can not afford a trainer, I have no weights. Could you recommend some exercises to do at home without weights and are to lose weight? I will thank you so much if you help me (I wanna impress my girlfriend :P)


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    You are welcome. Best of luck with your workouts. Ultimately, I want everyone to experience positive behavior change and a healthier life! $ does not prevent us from working out, we do! We can also be the ones to give ourselves credit for the results. Common denominator here; us!