Introduction: Exfoliate Your Feet. FAST

Better tools for foot care. And these are not them. My calluses grow faster then these tools can take them away. Can't take a day off just to work on my feet.

Step 1: Buy Some Real Tools.

Wood rasp and painter's sanding sponge. The rasp is great for your heel or thick calluses. Soak your feet in hot water and start filing. The painter's sanding sponge is great for quickly removing calluses on sensitive parts of your feet. It doesn't get mildew like a loofah sponge. I've been using this one for a year already.

Step 2: It Looks Scary.

But it's not. Your nerve endings will tell you when to back off.

Step 3: Know When to Stop.

Pay attention to what you are doing.

Step 4: This Really Helps.

This stuff is great. Supposedly good for diaper rash too. My doctor had nothing to say about it though.