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Introduction: External Guitar Amp Speaker

Is your amp crap? Not enough bass? Bad quality? Have you ever wanted to connect your subwoofer or other speaker to your guitar or bass amp but haven't had the equipment to do so? Well it's easy.
Required parts:
-amp (I'm using my first act MA214 amp)

Using both speakers may drive power from the original speaker

Step 1: Unplug and Gain Access to Main Amp Speaker

For my amp all I had to do was remove the back

Step 2: Detach Speaker

Remove all of the screws holding the speaker in and remove it.

Step 3: (optional) Remove Speaker From Amp

Unplug the wires and discard speaker

Step 4: Attach/Solder Wires to Speaker

You can can completely get rid of the main speaker or you can have the amp powering both speakers, I choose to use both speakers.

Step 5: Reassemble and Run Cord Through the Tuning Hole

Reassemble the amplifier and run the cord through the tuning/air hole

Step 6: Connect Wires to Desired Speaker/subwoofer and Enjoy!

Well... Connect your wires to the speaker/sub you want to use

Step 7: (optional) Cover Cord With Corner Pad

As you can see in the image I took of the corner padding and ran the cord under it to hold the wire down so nothing could rip it from the speaker on accident

Step 8: And You Fine Sir or Ma'am Are Done

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    7 years ago

    It really does! Thank you!