Introduction: Extra Extra Large Band-aid! (Non -sterile)

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So! We are going to make a super large bandage!


Vinyl(thin, adhesive), and with the wax paper backing!

Non-Adherent pad

Stapler and staples

A scissor

1 sheet of paper(A4 or US letter both work)

A pen or marker(best if more than one for decor)

Step 1: Prepare the Vinyl!

The vinyl will act as the bandage sticky part.

It's very prone to breakage, since it's really thin, but pretty waterproof.

Figure out the size of your Gauze(I'm using a Non-adherent pad since they are similar to the ones used in band-aids)

Cut the vinyl so that there is around 0.1 inch free space on either side(vertically), and at least 2 inches or so on each side.

I did around 3?

This is for the band-aid proportion.

Of course, to make it even larger, consider adding multiple pieces of gauze and a really large piece of vinyl to make it truly XtraXtraXtraXtraXtraXtraXtraXtra Large.

Step 2: Add the Gauze!

Once cut, follow these instructions carefully.

Trace a line in the center as shown in image 1.

Lift the vinyl in the center away from the paper backing but make sure at least one side is still sticking, that way you can re-stick the paper backing.

Cut along the line traced.

Step 3: Now Stick the Gauze!

You should have the flap thing now.

Position the Gauze so it is in the direct center.

As shown, fold the paper backing symmetrically so that there is just enough space for the Gauze.

Then, once placed, fold the paper back down.

Step 4: A Band-aid Must Have Packaging!

Take a sheet of paper.

Just plain copy paper will do.

Place the band-aid on the side, and fold so that the resulting rectangle gives a bit more room than needed.

Then, cut off the remaining portion.

Use a stapler(or glue) to staple the edges. Tape will also work.

Once done, place the band-aid in, and add any desired patterns/logos on the outside.

Note that this is non-sterile so it will not be guaranteed to be free of bacteria, viruses, etc.

Enjoy your bandage!

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