Extreme Table Top Makeover Pour in Place Concrete Table




Introduction: Extreme Table Top Makeover Pour in Place Concrete Table

concrete table top after and before

Step 1: Remove Old Wood Plating That Was Coming Off After 2 Years.

use vibrating tool

Step 2: Remove Old Rail Underneath, Solidify the Table Support With 2x4 to Support Concrete Weight.

calculate the amount of concrete you will add based on table size


mine was about 180lbs that why you need to be sure that the table would support it. I weight 260 I sat on the table it was holding before. but just in case reinforced the table top with 2x4. Warning At Your Own Risk table could collapse on your leg if you do not do this step properly.

Step 3: Armed the Table Top With This Concrete Grillage Used Vice Grip to Ply It With the Shape of the Table

fix in place the grillage with two wood screw in diagonal about 1 cm (1\4 inch) above table top

Step 4: Build a Frame With Mdf (important Concrete Won't Stick to Plated Mdf Board) Around the Table and Underneath Fix Them Together With Screw or Nail Gun

fix the height of the frame the desired concrete thickness calculated previous step use a level if you do not want your dish to fell off the table.

Step 5: Pour the Concrete Level It of With 2x4 by Sliding It Left and Right!

used glove make sure concrete is compact on the side too used a rubber hammer to gently knock the side. I used concrete glue before pouring to make sure ultimate bonding

Step 6: Remove the Casting Gently

Surprise ! big hole on the side, sing don't worry be happy I make some slury.
find slury mix of Portland cement like this http://www.ehow.com/how_6786972_make-concrete-slurry.html

warning Portland cement is greenish looking if you like hulk it's OK or the other I would used Hydraulic cement poly-plug or other fast seting cement which remain grey.

Step 7: Remove All the Hole on the Side With Slury Mix or Hydrolic Cement

slury on he side and hick paste of Portland cement and rub top and side give this nice greenish side with no more hole.

Step 8: Now Get Your Rain Coat It's Polishing Time ! With the Hose and Electricity = Get Gfc Braker or Outlet or You Die ! Water and Electricity Do Not Mix. or Just Go Buy a New Table Witch at This Point Was Considering...

find these diammond polishing pad at specialized tool store or buy it in China directly at aliexpress.com Diammond polishing pad http://www.aliexpress.com/ start with 50 grit, find with water always on not too fast.(build a variable speed grinder outlet with a light dimmer plug your grinder into it) lower the speed. grind with a stream of water.
move too the 100 pad. now if you want to tint your concrete now is the time after the 50 grit and Before the 100 because after that it will be too late as I will discovered it later....

used water based tint like this https://youtu.be/c2J2dgDRJcw remove the excess with rag

watch that video https://youtu.be/-r3sMWCe920

at the end use the 400 grit for me it was smooth enough

Step 9: Tint It Black With Wood Water Based Tint and Varnish It With Water Based Varnish Same As Wood You Will Eat on It So Avoid Any Harsh Chemical.

show picture close up finish

Step 10: Move Back Your New Table in Dinning Room Ask 3 of Your Neighbor Help to Lift Your New 200 Pound Table...

strap the table on rolling lift and rent a uhaule truck roll the table in the truck back he truck on the front entrance roll out the table above the five stair and voila. the end result is stunning and it's more beautiful than granite and way cheaper.

thank to my wife with lot's of patience to wait for me to finish this simple project.

BTW you need a backup table during the project...

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Step 12:

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Step 18:

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