Eye Fishing - Tea Candle Holder




Introduction: Eye Fishing - Tea Candle Holder

This is a tea candle holder I made that will reveal some messages when its top is being heated.

I used theromochromic pigment to achieve the revealing of the messages. This type of pigment will be transparent under a higher temperature and be normal again when the temperature is lower.

The concept is about memory and eyes. The cover of this candle holder is designed to be a 'lake' of eyes (shown by the patterns), and there is a small character fishing eyes for himself. Yet while he is fishing and when the candle is lighten up, there are things revealed on the surface of the lake suggesting he might fish something else rather than eyes which are what he wants. The things revealed has relations to eyes but are not the first things that come up to our mind when we think about eyes.


My audience will be people who use tea candles. Through the gradual reveal of the patterns and its gradual disappearance after the light is out, I hope this project can people them of something in their memory.

Step 1: Material List

Thermochromic pigment (black) https://www.amazon.com/Thermochromatic-Pigment-Bla...

Transparent base https://www.amazon.com/Speedball-Products-46219-Ac...

Small painting brush https://www.amazon.com/Xubox-Pointed-Round-Paintbr...

Black and transparent acrylic board 1/8 (black for the cover of the holder, transparent for the top of the holder where messages being revealed)

Super gluehttps://www.amazon.com/SUPER-GLUE-SGH22-48-Super-G...




Step 2: Laser Cut

Laser cut out all the pieces needed.

Step 3: Assemble the Cut Out Pieces

Step 4: Paint the Top Piece

Mix some black pigment with the transparent base and paint one side of the transparent acrylic piece.

Wait for it to dry.

After it dried, draw the patterns on the other side of the board and glue on the fishing guy. These patterns will be revealed after heated up.

Step 5: Test!

Fix the top board to the holder and light up a candle to test it!

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    That's a neat idea for hidden messages :)