Introduction: FIX Almost Any Switch for Pennies

I find it’s EASIER to fix a switch that is broken, then trying to find the right switch, then you have to wait for to come in then hope it’s the right one, Then replace it. Almost every industrial switch is made the same way and fail the same way. There are contacts made out of silver, and after turning on and off the machine so many times these contacts become pitted. Then your switch becomes intermittent or won’t work at all. It’s easy to fix this problem by pulling out these contacts and cleaning off the pitted and corroded contact. Sometimes I think it’s easier to clean the contact because they are easy to get out, sometimes trying to get the blade terminals off is more difficult than just taking up the terminals. Once the terminals or clean this repair works as good as a new switch. So why buy a new switch? Take that money and put it into something else you’d rather have.

Step 1: Dissemble

These switches come apart pretty easy, just pull of the back and take out the contacts.

Step 2: Fix the Contacts

As you can see these contacts are very corroded. To fix this corrosion we will file the face smooth. Those contacts deep inside the switch can be hard to get to so we came up with a way to clean them. Cut off a piece of sandpaper and glue it to a dowel rod. Put the sand paper on to the contact and sand that clean as well.

Step 3: Put It Back Together

Put the contacts back into the switch and snap the back, back on. Screw the face plate back on, and test the switch. Remember when you are working with the switch unplug the switch. And your DONE!! Don't forget to watch the video!! :)