FNAF2 Marrionette Mask

Introduction: FNAF2 Marrionette Mask

Welcome to the Marionette mask tutorial that was requested by "THEJJRAT" that first checked out the making of the Spring Trap mask.

Materials needed

-EVA foam
-Heat gun
-Hot glue gun
-Cheap sun glasses
-Water color or Spray paint
-Plasti dip
-Exacto knives or any cutting knives.

Let's begin!

Step 1: Step: 1 - Drawing Out the Design

The first idea of designing a mask is to draw it out first. AT most you want it to look the same way you wish to design it along with the sizes as well. It's very important after all since by looking at this it's much more than expected. The second image requires an eye's length that you may want to see as well because without it, you might have made a mask non see through.

Step 2: Step: 2 - Cutting

Now Time to cut it all out from line to line.

At first don't cut it you're sawing it or else it could give it those ridged edges. Instead just cut it like it's a pen with as much pressure as it takes to cut it all smoothly.

It's kind of basic, but still a little tough well.

Step 3: Step: 3 - Heat Gun

Now there is a little trick I've down where i heat up the mask in the back enough to make it look as round as possible. Giving that effect of it being more than just that simple really.

Warning: Since it is plastic material i do wish for others to keep a mask on at all times or else it could potentially be a burden to your throat a bit i think.

Just give that little heat in the front a bit to give it that shine you wanted to give it. The back however has to be heated up as much as possible without ruining it's edges since you are dealing with it's small edges as well as the whole flat surface it has.

Step 4: Step: 4 - Spraying Layers of Paint

Again wear the mask, but this time with glasses because it's sunny outside and i really hate the sun.

As for the mask, first cover the whole mask with Plasti dip spray to make sure it has that shine on your mask. Give it about an hour or two before spraying the mask with a white glossy kind of spray paint to make it look my plastic.

Look at them shine! Only 2 -3 hours later it will look excellent!

Step 5: Step: 5 - Hot Glue the Glasses

Now those glasses i said you needed will be required now to finish this part because it will be needed to keep your eyes hidden from sight.

First take out the lenses.

Secondly place them where their edges won't be seen. Not a crease of release what so ever.

Thirdly is to hot glue them both together to make sure it all stays together.

If required you can use the heat gun to warm up the hot glue to make the lenses stay in place more tighter.

Step 6: Step: 6 - Painting

You guessed it, the Marionette needs some paint on it. You will need to paint the lips red and the tear lines purple with a big recommendation of either water color or other paints because i messed up big time with what I've done.

But you guys can do better. :P

Step 7: Step: 7 - Details

Once the paint dries off, you can try to cut the details in half if you want to give it that pop out look.

Upon doing such things just hot glue it all together and there we go! A fully completed marionette mask!

Hope you guys will find these instructions useful because it is pretty simple admittedly!

If for any more requests just let me know and i'll take a look to see if i can make such a mask.

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you very much, i just thought of it as something of excellent interest for others to make since there was a lack of any around here.