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A concept note on Free energy with
“TORODAL TUNING” as an architect

I have been working on free energy for the last one decade. The first part of the free energy receiver gadget was related to solar water heating at low cost for the mass. The solar water heating solution is a minimalist user friendly design with very few connections. We were successful to upgrade DIY solar water heating design to virtually no joints for the ease on assembly as DIY stuff for anyone with a desire to save a penny. The design for the mass is doable,realistic and affordable for a many a people in the third world with a PVC solar heat absorber coil with limited joints. More information on this is available at CNN international covered a mini solar water heater back in 2012 April end in the tail end in one of their episode in connection with the Road to Rio Show

My effort to dig on free energy took an interesting turn as I stumbled upon the toroidal circuit during a big slump in the electrical power distribution system in Kathmandu. I remember managing weeks without electrical power more precisely a virtual power cut to put it bluntly. My toroidal GIZMO did some wonder back then too....... but the real magic happened few weeks back when I was fiddling through my crystal radio..... a prized possession to light up my association with Nepali folklore and music. My relatively large drawing room started to fill up with a decently audible Radio Nepal along with the free ENERGY LIGHT a "True Blessing Enough" to disguise so many candle lights dinner for our family of five. Suddenly We were able to enjoy a lot more free power from RF (Radio frequency) at 790 MHZ of Radio Nepal. The Free energy Gizmo has helped my thoughts to wander far and wide, an emotional connection with our Local radio station "Radio Nepal" to bring back some of the nostalgic notes of eighties/nightiees with TOROIDAL MAGIC.

The magic embedded in couple of turns of enameled wire barely stretching a meter suddenly opened a little TESLA in my mind to veer into a territory beyond my imagination. I do not think I would be able to dwell more into a complicated set of equations and calculations of defining the enormously amplified energy gain through TORODIAL TUNING POWER of lost RF energy. I did a couple of video’s for YouTube to satisfy my desire to reach the mass specially kids who are always eager to absorb the unknown’s of bare science facts. To add a note on my hobby on zeroing in many other frontiers and educating a sizable mass of the world has already helped me garner a bit of recognition too as a casual YouTuber. My video on “DIY Barlow Lens” has been able to connect me nearly 300,000 serious views. It has also helped me virtually know so many young minds spreading across the continent..... to almost every country one can point at Atlas! People from some 236 country have subscribed my channel with over 3.2 million channel viewing. TOROIDL MAGIC to put my thoughts and belief of harnessing FREE POWER to the mass should not look BLURRY anymore.

To conclude let me assume “I shall find enough people to take this concept of “TOROIDAL MAGIC “ to power the world, an awesome discovery of “BARE SCIENCE FACTS”.

“FREE ENERGY is REALLY POSSIBLE”, Our RF gain running in Mille-watts has already put us ahead of many other bigger minds working on this...if I am not wrong , Now it is only a question of finding a palm size antenna to put this energy to the mass for a dime.

Step 1:

The assembly process

Find a small toroid, we can find them in the used CFL lights.

Get some one meter of 24 g enameled copper wire

Find a pn LED 3 volt maximum form the lighter, (Cigarette lighter)

Wind 6 turns of copper on the toroid as primary, and 16 turns on secondary side. Make sure wind all of the turns in one direction. either clockwise or anticlockwise. The winding should not reverse their sides.

Once the toroid assembly is over. Connect the arial at one end, and the ground on the other end of the primary winding.The secondary winding should be connected to pn-LED and speaker in series for the half wave rectifier. This is the tunner which replaces the conventional tunning coil of the past, we can also a add a variable capacitor if you want. They are required to change RF stations.

For the full wave rectifier the center tap and 2 pn-LED and speaker should be connected as shown in the circuit diagram. The “FREE ENERGY Light” and the radio is complete with this.

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