Introduction: FREE SUMO ROBOT STRUCTURE From 5L Cleaning Container

In this instructable I will show you how to use an empty 5L plastic container and transform into a nice ROBOT STRUCTURE !

Step 1: Cut the Container Bottom All Around With a Finger Height

Trace a line all around a Plastic (PE-HD) cleaning product container at the aprox. height of 8 cm (a finger length) and cut with a scissor.

Step 2: Cut the Lateral TABS

Cut 4 lateral tabs in a way depicted in the pictures

Step 3: Fold and Glue the Tabs

Now fold the tabs and see how it looks... choose the look you like and glue it all with hot glue.

Step 4: Cut Two Rectangle Holes for the Wheels to Fit

On the under side cut two rectangle holes the size needed for the wheels to fit the structure... The bigger the wheels the bigger the holes...

Step 5: Cut a TOP COVER

From the rest of another container cut a top cover for your ROBOT.

Step 6: Secure the TOP COVER and Make It Movable

You will have to access the ROBOT interior to fit the electronics inside so it's best to add a way to articulate the cover. My solution was to cut a piece of plastic glue it to the cover and secure the other side to the belly with a screw.

Step 7: Add a Front Free Wheel (Roll-on)

With the aid of a lighter cut a hole large enough to fit the top part of an old and used DEO ROLL-ON !!! This will serve as the free wheel and will be in fact FREE !

Glue it with hot glue.

Step 8: Glue the SERVOS and Cut the Wires Holes

It's time to fit the SERVOS and cut the holes to pass the servo wires on the back side of your structure

Step 9: Cut the Holes for the Ultrasonic Sensor

Draw the holes for the ultrasonic sensor and cut... make it fit ! You are done !

Step 10: Add Some Electronics

Now it's time to take a look at my other instructables and add some electronic brains to your creation !

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