Introduction: Fun Fully 3D Printable 4x4 Puzzle Cube

About: Hi, I'm Rishi!

This is a 4x4 cube puzzle that is fully 3D Printable. I have found multiple solutions to this puzzle, so it should keep you entertained for hours!

Files can be found here:

How I Designed It: I created a rough template in Tinkercad to quickly and easily figure out the shapes that I would use to fill a 4x4 cube. Once I had the basic shapes figured out, I moved over to Fusion 360 to make the final models.


  1. 3D Printer
  2. Any Filament

Step 1: 3D Print It

I printed all of the pieces in PLA with 5% infill, although 10% is probably ideal. All but one of the pieces can be 3d printed without supports. The piece that needs supports is shown in the upper right of this step.

That's literally all there's to it! So simple, yet very challenging.

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