Fabergé Eggs

Introduction: Fabergé Eggs

About: I live on a ranch in central B.C. with animals. I play the violin, viola, cello and piano and I love making exotic crafts.

Hello everybody! These are some eggs that I made from the eighteenth century. There are many ways to make your own pattern, and, they make such wonderful presents!

Step 1: Materials

Eggs that have been blown out

Small knife

Nail polish, or shiny paint

Glue ( I used elmers because it sticks better)

Gems of all colors and shapes

Anything to make a stand with ( I used beads)


Step 2: Punch a Hole

With the knife, poke a small hole on each end of the egg and blow out the insides into a bowl. Don't waste them now!

Step 3: Paint Your Eggs

Paint your eggs any color you wish. Let dry. I painted silver underneath the diamonds so that the white wouldn't show.

Step 4: The Pattern

Now you can decorate your eggs any way you like. I've always thought the red gems looked the best, but I can't seem to find any. And Michaels is so expensive.

Step 5: Stand

Now you can make any kind of stand you like for your egg. I used beads because I tried to make a stand out of wire, but after using about ten feet I finally lost my temper. Ah, well.

Step 6: Done!

All done! Experiment with these, and give some to your friends and family. They are so fun to make.

Enjoy! =)

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