Fablab Making- a Dota 2 Box

Introduction: Fablab Making- a Dota 2 Box

Welcome to my instructable.

Here I'm gonna show you how you make a box with the dota 2 logo on top.

Here is a MoScow list:

Must have:

It must have a just a bottem and a lid for the box, so you can close the box

Should have:

It Some cool design you want on te top or some other place (I did the Dota 2 logo on top of my box) to make it a bit like how you want it

Could have:

It could have maybe also some design at the side of the box, or a lid that opens just by the press of a button

Wont have:

Things that arent possible with a box

Now the things we need to build my box:

  • A 3D printer
  • A Lasercutter
  • A Soldering machine
  • ABS(for the 3D machine)
  • Wood(i used Plywood for in the lasercutter 3mm thick)
  • a smal Led
  • cables
  • Batteries
  • tin solder
  • A header(to put the led in and solder the cables in)
  • A button
  • Woodglue
  • Superglue

Now that you now all the things that are needed lets start.

Step 1: Step 1: Making the Box

First I used the lasercutter to cut a piece af Wood in the model you can download below for the box. If that is done you glue all the pieces except for the lid(the one with the square). if you are done you should have the same thing as the picture(without the lid). Now you are ready for the next step.


Step 2: Step 2: 3D Printing the Model and Putting It on Your Lid

Now you are going to print the Dota 2 logo using the 3D printer. When that is done you use the superglue for connecting the logo with the lid and when you are ready is schould look like the picture. you can use the your own design to pot on the lid but then it is possible you have to change the hole in the lid.

Step 3: Step 3: Making the Circuit for the LED(optional)

First you solder your cables to the header. when you did that you solder one cable to the end of the butten and a other cable to the other end of the cable(this one is not the same that is also connected to header. You put the longer end of the LED at the side of the white cable.I used 2 1,45 V batteries and i put the red cable to the plus side and the blue to the min and then your light is supossed to go on. You can put this in your box if you like it and if you put it int he box you can see the little light. If you did all of this your box should be done.

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    7 years ago

    I'm not sure what Dota 2 is but it's a cool box!!